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Monday, April 10, 2017

The Wrong Address

We have been waiting for our approval from USCIS (US Immigration) since mid-week last week.  Once we have this approval, we can get a date for an exit interview.  Our agency had over-nighted the paperwork to USCIS to arrive on Wednesday morning of last week.  On Friday, we were told that the paperwork was probably being held up by the mail room of USCIS.  As we were in communication with the case worker handling our case today, he still had not received our paperwork.  We began to question how inefficient a mail room had to be to be this late for the delivery.  The case worker mentioned that perhaps it was sent to the wrong address, so we contacted our agency and found out that is exactly what happened.  Our paperwork is in the wrong mail room in a completely different state.  A new set of paperwork was prepared and sent today to arrive tomorrow morning, but the Embassy here in Honduras is not setting up any more interviews for this week since it is Semana Santa.  Hopefully, we'll be able to get all of the details cleared up and have our interview early next week.  We'll keep you updated on our progress.  Please pray that all of the paperwork gets to the right people and things get approved quickly.

Also, pray for some of the residents of the area.  Earlier in our trip, we saw some really bad forest fires in the mountains surrounding Tegucigalpa, so we asked our hosts.  We were told that people start the fires to clear brush and reduce insect population, etc.  The problem is that this is the dry season, and it is real dry, so the fires quickly get out of hand.  Last week, we saw a military helicopter flying toward the fires carrying a load of water to help extinguish the fires.  We were told that they have to use almost 25% of the water reservoir for Tegucigalpa and the surrounding area to fight these fires.  Some missionary friends of our hosts had to evacuate last week because of the fires.  Today, these fires a closer to home.  Our mountainous view took on a different feel today as I saw smoke rising into the air.

As we sat for dinner, we saw fires cutting through the mountain and burning real strong on the top of the mountain. 

It is quite a distance from us, so we are not in danger, but there are people living over on the mountains.  Please pray for their safety and for those trying to contain these fires.

Our time with the kids is going well.  We continue to try to expand the school time a bit as I work with Ashton on math and learning English, and Alicia works with Alia on English, colors, shapes and numbers.  We picked up some pipe-cleaners for making crafts with the kids in order to pass the time, and Alia ended us wearing most of them. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  May your Easter week be a blessed one.

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