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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Another Step Completed

Over the past two days, we have gotten to know our way around the Medical Center.  Yesterday, we went to have the TB tests read for the children.  We had to run some errands before going to the medical center, so we had Carlos pick us up around 2.  We had copies to make and more pictures to have taken...once this was all done, we had to decide what to do because we were about an hour early.  I figured what difference would an hour make, so we went to the Medical Center early.  The doctor felt an hour made a world of difference, so he made us wait until the exact minute that we were supposed to arrive.  The actual exam for each child took about a minute, and we were done.  We had to give some papers to our lawyer, so we went to Cascadas Mall where she was supposed to meet us around 5.  She was running late, so we took the kids up to a play area and paid for 25 minutes and let them blow off some energy. 

Our lawyer did not arrive until after 6, so we exchanged paperwork in  the parking lot and bought dinner on the way back to Santa Lucia.  Today, we made another trip to the Medical Center for the children's physicals.  We were told to arrive a bit before 2pm, the physicals were done right away and we were leaving the Medical Center before 3:30.  We didn't have anything else that needed to be done in Tegucigalpa, but since most likely we will be here through Semana Santa (Holy Week), we are trying to think of something to do with the kids, and Carlos wanted to help.  One of the traditions that is part of Semana Santa is that groups of people use painted wood pieces and saw dust to create pictures in the roads in Tegucigalpa and other cities.  These beautiful works of art must be seen early on Good Friday before the processional comes through on the way to Mass.  We are considering staying at a hotel in the city for a few days to give all of us a change of pace, and to be able to see these wonderful works of art.  Carlos took us to see a hotel near the roads that will be decorated...we'll have to decide what we'll do next week.  With the physicals completed, we only have one more step to be completed.  But, within that one step are a few different organizations and parts that need to come together for us.  Our paperwork is lost somewhere is the mail room at USCIS, so the officer handling our case cannot give approval because there is no physical evidence.  Hopefully, early next week the paperwork will make it to his desk and be approved quickly.  Then, we need approval from the NVC, and we have some forms to complete, then we have our exit visa interview at the Embassy.  We had originally booked our return flight for early next week, so one of my jobs today was to call the airline and change our flight.  Since everything has seemed to be more difficult than it should be, I picked up the phone expecting all sorts of problems.  I explained our situation and the fact that we didn't know when we would be able to leave and so I didn't have a date for new tickets...her reply was, "That's OK, we'll cancel your flight, here is your number, and call us when your ready to schedule your flight."  I almost argued with her, until I actually comprehended what she said.  I asked her to repeat it, then I simply said "Thank you".  She wished us luck with the rest of the adoption and said thank you for letting her help us.  I hung up the phone, walked outside to a beautiful sunset and the kids singing songs for Alicia.  We hung out for a while and Alia sang songs, one was a made-up song about the fact that I didn't know the song.  Well, that's our update.  Thanks for your prayers and support.

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  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! the picture of you and Alia!! Adorable!
    I'm sorry that you had to change your return flight day. :(
    I believe that we will all look back and say that your extended stay was a GOOD thing....?? May be the extra week will yield some more solid bonding before you come home to the states. Much love and many many prayers!!!