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Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Walk into Town

I called my mom this afternoon, and one of her first questions was, "So what did you do today?" was much like every other day since unless we plan for transportation, we have no where to go.  So, today was another day of hanging out at the house, playing in the backyard, reading, doing some schoolwork, and waiting.  We did take a walk down into Santa Lucia for lunch at a restaurant that looks out over the pond, and some ice cream for dessert.  There is nothing to update on the progress of the adoption, except that we did receive confirmation that the NVC in New Hampshire received our paperwork and will process it, and we should allow for 3 days before the Embassy will have our records.  We have been in contact with the Embassy and hope that our persistent emails will make them vigilant for the approvals from the States so that we can get our exit interview this week.  Other than that, there isn't a lot to share.  Enjoy some pictures:

The kids cleared an area to lay down the blanket and Ashton was reading a book to Alia
 These pictures were taken as we waited for our food.

 I find it ironic that the parents from America order the typical Honduran food, and the child from Honduras orders a hamburger and fries.
 ice cream in the park by the pond.  I love this shows how tiny Alia really is.
 Ashton was eating his ice cream and watching some men feed bread to the ducks and turtles.
The other day, Justin Buso sent me an email of encouragement with a song, after a few emails back and forth, he asked me (as any good church softball coach would...) if I was getting my workouts in for softball down here.  I told him that I was getting in my weight training with both 35 and 60 pound weight sets.  Here is a 60lb. work out.

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