Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Quick Update

No pictures tonight.  Just a quick update and some thoughts.  We heard back from the Embassy that since we began the process with USCIS in the states, we have to finish it there before they can issue visas for the children.  We did hear back from the officer handling our case and he asked for more documentation, which we forwarded to our agency.  He also told us that he could review our case based on the electronic copies that we were sending, but nothing could officially be approved until physical evidence is presented.  Our agency is supposed to have sent physical copies that should arrive tomorrow.  Please pray that these arrive and are quickly reviewed and approved.  Once approved, then we wait for another multi-lettered agency to give us more approvals, etc., and then finally we get a date for our visa exit interview.  Tomorrow, we go into Tegucigalpa to have the TB test read for the children, and Friday is their physicals.  We are continuing to hope that all approvals happen quickly.

As we have spent so many seasons of this journey waiting for things to happen, and wanting things sooner rather than later, I was pondering this morning how often when things go as we want them to, we say that "God is good"...As I thought about this, this morning, I realized how much our theology (...and all of us are theologians...we all have specific beliefs about God and the universe...) effects our lives and how we live.  By saying "God is good" when things go as we want them to, are we saying by default that God is not good when we don't get our way.  If this is the case, then we are nothing more then children throwing a tantrum because our Heavenly Father did not kowtow to our demands.  So, let me say that regardless of the how all the events of our return to the states turns out..."God is good", and "God is sovereign", and "God is infinitely wise", and "God loves us", and "God works all things for our good and His glory according to His purpose"...The Bible declares these truths about God and we believe them and we seek to live according to these beliefs. no matter what.  May the Lord be glorified in our lives.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

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  1. God IS good!
    (the temper tantrum reference made me smile as I know that you have all been experiencing them)
    Continued prayers for trusting in His plan and patience for the journey. Much love!!!