Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

A New Language

Since it is the weekend, there is nothing to report on the process of the adoption.  We had a good day around the house today, and we noticed something new with Alia.  She was speaking gibberish this morning.  At first, we thought she was just playing around as she had on other mornings, but today it continued.  Eventually, we realized that this was her attempt to speak English.  Since in reality it was neither English nor Spanish, it made her very difficult to understand.  At one point, I asked her to speak in Spanish so I could understand her, and she refused.  We know that this is a normal part of the process of taking on a new culture, a new family, and a new identity, but it still took us a little by surprise today.  Pray for both the children as they learn English.  Over the past few weeks, I have often thought about one of our families favorite scenes from the movie The Pink Panther with Steve Martin.  He is playing the part of Inspector Clouseau and is preparing to go to the United States, so he meets with a speech therapist to work on his is the scene:
As I have listened to Ashton and Alia try to pronounce English words and phrases, I have often thought of this scene, and then I wonder what we must sound like to them when we speak Spanish.  We continue to marvel at the strength of both children, and rejoice in the way that the Lord is bonding us together.  Continue to pray for the children as they adapt to a new culture and as they choose what of their old culture they will hold onto, and what they need to let go of.  Pray that the Lord gives us wisdom on this journey.
 At one point today, the kids were playing an English picture word bingo game and they were doing great with saying the words.  Ashton is working especially hard to learn, and he is doing very well, yet he is very unsure of himself.
 Ashton has been getting more comfortable on the bike, and today he began to give Alia rides.

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