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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hooray for the Mail Room!

We received word today that our paperwork made it out of the mail room and to the desk of the case worker at USCIS reviewing our case.  He said that he will work to review our case as expeditiously as possible while still being thorough.  We thanked him for his patience and diligence.  We are hoping that his approval comes through tomorrow and that the next step can begin and we can get an interview scheduled for early next week.  To bring some of our normal Easter traditions into our life here in Honduras, Alicia bought the supplies to make peanut butter eggs.  The kids helped to make the peanut butter goodness, and shape them into eggs before they went into the freezer. 

The chocolate covering was added by Alicia while the rest of us took an afternoon nap.  We all needed it...Alicia probably did too, but she didn't complain.  We delivered a plate to our hosts, the Fenn's, then we each enjoyed one after dinner.  We put together a small gift for Carlos and his family, and saved a few for ourselves. 
We decided that for a bit of a change of pace, we will be staying at a hotel in the city for the weekend.  There is a pool there and it is right across the street from a large mall with a movie theater.  It is very strange to be away from our family and our church family during the week of Easter.  We look forward to the Good Friday service and going out with friends afterward.  Then on Easter Sunday, there is the sunrise service as we gather at a local park to rejoice and worship because though Jesus died on the cross bearing our sin, He rose from the dead conquering sin, death and Hell for all who would trust in Him.  The Sunrise service leads into breakfast at church followed by the worship service, and then we return home to a feast with my mom, my brothers and their families.  We will miss you all this weekend.  We hope you have a great Easter and that you truly know the one for whom the Holiday is celebrated.

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