Viaje de Amor en Ingles

(A Journey of Love)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Pleasant Surprise

After I published yesterday's post stating that we were informed the children would be brought in on Thursday, we received a message from Maria, the woman who runs the children's home where our children had lived.  She informed us that the children were being picked up in San Pedro Sula in the morning, so we should have them by mid-day on Wednesday.  There was some email chatter between our agency, our lawyer and others, but when we went to sleep last night, there was no definitive plan.  When we awoke this morning, there still was no plan that we knew of.  We waited throughout the morning, and around 1pm we learned that the children would be ready for us to pick them up in Tegucigalpa around 2:30pm, which meant we needed to get some transportation to make the 45 minute ride into the city.  David was available and we arrived at DINAF shortly after 2:30.  As we walked in the door, the children walked through a door on the other side of the lobby and we were reunited with many hugs and tears.  We signed the appropriate paperwork for temporary custody, until we sign the paperwork tomorrow morning for permanent custody.  We spent some time in town, then made our way back to the apartment to settle in, enjoy a night of dinner and playing a game with the Fenn family.  We are trying to learn and speak Spanish, and the children are trying to learn and speak English.  We had a video chat with Ariana and Alexa, and the "youngers" enjoyed seeing their older sisters, and asking "How are you?" in English.  We will be picked up early tomorrow morning for our signing of the Escritura.  In the adoption world, the day that the adopted child officially becomes your child is call "Gotcha Day".  So, tomorrow (March 9) will be forever known in the Crossgrove house as "Gotcha Day".  I am having trouble getting pictures to load, but I have one picture that Maria sent to us of the children as they were traveling from the children's home into San Pedro Sula.  Love these smiles.  I will try to load more pictures later.


  1. Oh thank you Lord for your faithfulness!!
    Those smiles are just so precious to see!!
    Love you all!!❤❤❤

  2. They are absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! Praying today is a 'piece of cake ' :)

    Diane, Dan and Sofia

  4. The kids look very happy! We're all very happy for you and thank God for it all.

    Conner Family